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Shaping young minds today will shape our future! Welcome to Alphabetz Child Development Center. Here, we welcome children into a nurturing and safe environment. We focus on providing the early childhood education programs that are suitable for children in their formative years.

Our inclusive program provides for a harmonious and diversified peer group where typically-developing children can learn alongside those with developmental disabilities and intellectual or cognitive delays. We believe that special needs children can build supportive friendships with peers while those children who are developmentally on-track can learn so much from friends of a different intellectual aptitude.

We collaborate with faculty members, parents and the community in facilitating programs that is non-restrictive and accepting of differences. Many of the children in our programs have become accustomed to diversity in their childhood which ultimately fosters them to have a better understanding for other people as they grow into their teenage and adult life.

If you would like to enroll your child in our nurturing environment for learning, please call 240-349-2579 for guidance. We look forward to having you in class soon.

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We will upload videos taken in our classrooms and in our fun activities at Alphabetz Child Development Center.
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